Patterns of Sexual Violence in the Context of War in Ukraine and How to Respond | ULAG at the 2023 Missing Peace Global Symposium on CRSV


Taking into account the domestic context, more effective training, moving away from quantitative indicators as measure of success, as well as institutional and legislative framework development – crucial steps to effectively address CRSV in Ukraine.

Experts of the Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group took part in the Global Symposium on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Washington, DC. The symposium is organised by the U.S. Institute of Peace, Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO), Washington University in St. Louis, and Women in International Security (WIIS). The goal is to bring together researchers, survivors, lawmakers, and law enforcement officials to discuss changes, achievements, needs, trends, and necessary steps to address conflict-related sexual violence in different countries. The first Global Symposium was held 10 years ago.